There was nothing romantic or erotic between Debbie-Rise & I. It wasn’t in my place to tell Bisola about TTT’s marital status – Former BBNaija contestant, Bassey

Bassey was evicted from the Big Brother Naija house on March 25th, 2017. He came over to the Linda Ikeji TV Studios for an exclusive interview about his relationship with Debbie Rise and Uriel, why he didn’t inform Bisola that Thin Tall Tony was married and more.

When asked about his opinion on Bisola, especially since he knew Thin Tall Tony was married, Bassey said:

“Thin Tall Tony and I have known each other for quite a couple of months and I knew (His marital status) but I would like to base my response on the premise that I was not in Big Brother House from the first week. They both were. So I came in ehm in the second week and I already assumed that Introductions were in order. They had already said everything they had to say. Plus I heard from them that the first week they had this open session, were everybody just said things about themselves. So you would assume that everybody knows everybody at that point, I was never put in that spotlight where Bisola or anybody would ask me; “Bassey do you know this, do yo not know this? I didn’t know if they spoke about it. They are friends and their friendship is really strong. It wasn’t in my place. We spoke a lot, we played a lot but nothing was suggestive of that fact. But like I said, Big Brother is only a game and we cannot judge people based on that.”
On whether he found out at any point that Bisola didn’t know that Thin Tall Tony was married, Bassey said:
“Nope. I respect everybody’s privacy, so even if I know a million things about you, if there’s no need to say, then why should I bother?”
On his relationship with Debbie-Rise:
“First off, we got into the house together. We so much connected at very different levels of basically; creativity. There were a couple of tasks I was handling and she would just come and give me bright ideas and then I pick on to that, or when she’s handling her own task and I would be like, Ok why don’t you do it like this and she sees it. At the cerebral level, we connected and I really liked it that there is someone who I could share Ideas with and who has something positive to input into it. So we became friends and maybe one or two times, emotions may have come up but that was just that episodic moment. Debbie-Rise and I spoke about this many times and we decided that we have what to do outside the house. Go here, make some money together, shoot some videos together and other stuff, But it was nothing romantic, nothing erotic. Just pure friendship.”
On whether he considered having something more than friendship with Debbie-Rise outside the house:
“Of course, My human conciousness would suggest that to me. I thought about it and carefully considered every option. I settled for friendship because it is the hardest currency. Primarily because I have a girlfriend and secondly because I enjoy friendship. Trust me, I like Debbie Rise, she likes me but we are going to keep it that way. She also settled for friendship. Debbie Rise knew I had a girlfriend. Everybody knew from day one”
On whether he knew Debbie-Rise fell in love with him:
“I would like to correct that impression. Debbie Rise did not fall in love with me. She just likes me as a person and I like her too. We share that bond. She just got comfortable with me as I was with her. Love is out of it. Friend zone is not a bad zone but a healthy place.”
About his relationship with evicted contestant, Uriel:
“When I stepped into the house, I liked Uriel but eventually we became friends and well, close enough. But that was just it. There was nothing. No physicality involved in our relationship. Although there was a time we genuinely kissed, but that was it. It was just a kiss but I actually looked forward to it.  The kiss was at the spur of the moment and that was….

Watch the video below.

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