[A MUST READ!] See Why Two Housemates Think Efe Is Leaving Biggie’s House This Week….

It came as a huge shocker to the Housemates when Biggie and Ebuka informed them that the Live Nominations Show was going to be replaced by a Head of House Task, as they were all up for possible Evictions.

Even more shocking was the fact that only the HoH would be safe from Eviction and there was not going to be a save this week. Now ThinTallTony is the new HoH and automatically evades possible Eviction according to Biggie’s rules.

Shortly after ThinTallTony was crowned as the new HoH for the week, Big Brother summoned the Housemates one at a time for their Diary Sessions where ‘Captain’ Efe appeared to be unlucky twice in the game with two housemates, Bassey and his literally tight baddy ThinTallTony who chose him and shared that bad side of him with Biggie during their Diary Sessions.

Bassey walked in the third after Marvis and Kemen, He thanked Biggie for bringing Simi to visit them in the House, Biggie asked him if he could Nominate three Housemates for possible Evictions this week who they would be and why?

Bassey quickly got to name his three Housemates he would have loved to put up for Eviction and his choices were;Efe, Kemen and TBoss. He felt Efe was stuck in his ways and never considers other people’s opinions. He also added that Kemen was a Mr-know-it-all, hence he wouldn’t feel bad seeing them go.

The last Housemate into the Diary room was ThinTallTony. When Biggie asked him to name three Housemates he would love to see Evicted, he picked Efe and the reason he was, ( Efe is too opinionated), Uriel (not being real) andTBoss (her insane sanitary levels were beginning to rub him off the wrong way). He even admitted that tellingTBoss that he liked her was a strategic teasing move from him which he intended to push a little further.

But as a matter of fact, Efe during his reign as HoH saved ThinTallTony in (Week 3) of the reality show and replaced him Gifty who’s already evcited…….and now you may assume this is a game where you have to point out your threat and remain with the weak part in order to overcome it and as we go down to ‘Guess work’ this is whatThinTallTony and Bassey are trying to figure out as you also remember, Bally few weeks back he was trying to nominate ThinTallTony several times as his threat. So this shouldn’t be a surprise to you!

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Meanwhile, Don’t let your favourite Housemate suffer a shock exit by sitting on your voting power! It’s time to do it again! As seven housemates, Efe, Uriel, Debie-Rise, Marvis, TBoss, Bassey and Kemen are up for possible Eviction this Sunday. WHO ARE YOU VOTING TO STAY IN BIGGIE’S HOUSE THIS SUNDAY? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below……


Voting lines are now open untill Saturday at 8pm[WAT] and it’s “STRICKLY FOR NIGERIA ONLY”! Vote for your favourite using SMS – by texting the word “VOTE” and your favourite Housemate’s name to 32052 or On WeChat (follow the AfricaMagicTV account). Keep it here for more updates from Big Brother Naija House.

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5 housemates make it to the Finale, Who is your winner of BBNaija 2017?

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  • Tboss (10%, 60 Votes)
  • Debbie-Rise (9%, 56 Votes)
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