BBNaija Day 12 round up: Tayo was in the build and Bally found the Green advantage card #BBNaija

Big brother naija day 12 as full of fun from meeting Tayo to some interesting games and Bisola was impressive this time around. Bisola gets to spend the evening in Biggie’s luxury suite! She’s going with Marvis. What a sweet gesture.

Bally’s the last to go and finishes with a time of 02:32! It’s official. Bisola has won todays

That first puzzle cost Marvis a lot of time! She finishes with the slowest time yet, 05:00 & is buzzed out

Debie-Rise posts a time of 03:03. Only two Housemates left and Bisola is still in the lead! Who’s winning?

That was a spirited performance by ThinTallTony. 02:18 is his time. Fast,but not fast enough to beat Bisola!

TBoss got her foot stuck in the net! She finishes with a time of 03:33. Bisola’s still the fastest!

At 02:20 Bassey was still struggling with the Puzzle. He finishes with the slowest time so far 04:36

Uriel ties with Soma posting a time of 02:26! Bisola is still the Housemate to beat!

Soma got quite frustrated at the end there! He finishes with a time of 02:26. Bisola still reigns supreme.

Despite an injured knee Bisola aces the puzzles and snatches first place from Kemen with a time of 01:55

Kemen really blazed through that obstacle course! He snatches the lead from Gifty with a time of 02:31!

Gifty did that! With a time of 02:36 she now moves firmly into the lead!

And it’s 03:27 for Miyonse. Looks like the last section cost him a lot of time! Efe’s still in the lead.

CocoIce just clocked a time of 03:12. Looks like she couldn’t beat Efe’s time. Miyonse’s next!

Efe finishes with a time of 03:03! Looks like he struggled with the puzzle for a bit. Do you think he’ll win again? Sponsored by

Gifty says she’s avoiding Soma because “as a woman” she has respect Soma’s girlfriend. What do you think?

Miyonse:”I’m not sure what’s going to happen on Sunday…. Thank you for being a wonderful person to me”

And after a protracted showdown with Kemen, Bassey wins musical chairs!

The Housemates are in agreement that Bally has an amazing voice and will make a lot of money from it. Are you in the same boat?

The Housemates describe Debie-Rise as cunning, smart & controlling. Do you think their descriptions of each other are accurate?

Tayo is the deliverer of the clothes as the Brand Ambassador

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5 housemates make it to the Finale, Who is your winner of BBNaija 2017?

  • Efe (67%, 416 Votes)
  • Bisola (13%, 82 Votes)
  • Tboss (10%, 60 Votes)
  • Debbie-Rise (9%, 56 Votes)
  • Marvis (1%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 623

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